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The Outdoor Lighting Expert on Landscape Lighting Design Tips

Below are tips to help you in designing your landscape lighting. This post will discuss cohesion, layering, focal points, quality of light and how it relates to landscape lighting. These are areas where most homeowners fail to spend time researching or implementing. Landscape lighting isnbt just about buying a one size fits all boxed set […]

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The Outdoor Lighting Expert on Path Lights

The most common type of landscape lighting I see today are pathway and area lights. These lights are usually found lining the pathway up to a home and are often confused with one another because they are similar– but they are in deed different. A pathway light will have the bulb located in front of […]

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The Outdoor Lighting Expert on Task Lighting

In most new kitchens you have different types of lighting fixtures that preform different jobs. For instance you probable have lights under your cabinets that light your counter tops. Because it allows you to perform a function it’s called task lighting. This article is about outdoor task lighting. This article will help you understand task […]

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10 Biggest Myths about Christmas Trees–Part I

Myths, urban legends, mis-perceptions and sometimes outright lies. We know there are some crazy things that people have been told about Real Christmas Trees over the years. And this has led to a large number of confused consumers. While many of these myths can be traced back to the fake tree industry, many are like […]

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