Landscape Lighting Dallas

Outdoor Lighting Dallas–Up and Down Lights

Up and Down Outdoor lighting fixturesB might look similar but are notB constructed in the same manner. B Most down lights are made exclusively for tree and structural lighting where the B lights are mounted pointing downward. Up light typeB outdoor lighting fixtures are used in the ground exclusively to point light upwards, usually to graze the side of a house, column or tree.

Quality up light outdoor lighting fixtures are engineered to drain water using specially shaped lenses that are made to drain toward holes to keep the light free of standing water.

Down light type outdoor lighting fixtures are also engineered to drain water but in a different way then up-lights. These fixtures are not meant to be used for a purpose other than what they were intended for. The outdoor lighting fixtures can look very similar but they do not operate in the same manner. Water will likely enter the outdoor lighting fixture if it is not positioned and used correctly.

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