Christmas Lighting Ideas: Outlining Your Home

By Maria Bargellini of DFW Christmas Lights

With Christmas Lights there’s always that eternal question. What to do ..what to do? The fantastic thing about Christmas lights is that you are not married to your display. You can change the colors, the bulb types, the layout. You can add, take away, and change. This short article is about outlining your home. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do the entire thing. You can do as little or as much as you like–you can even add additional lights over time.

Things to Consider when Outlining

  • Height: The taller your roof–the more expensive it is. Anything over 40 feet is going to require the use of special equipment to get up that high. In addition preparation have to made to ensure that the lawn or driveway is protected from any damage.
  • Type of roof: If your roof is in obvious need of repair, metal, or has Spanish tile -you may be subject to extra charges for difficulty or due to the required use of equipment.
  • Building material: Brick, unpainted siding and stone surfaces are the best to materials in terms of install. Painted surfaces, such as in the case of trim, window frames, and stucco houses present a bit of a challenge because there is a risk of peeling the paint at removal time.
  • Maintenance: Bad weather can knock out incandescent bulbs. If you have a service plan you have nothing to worry about. Every time a bulbs goes out–even if it’s on the tippy top– you simple have to make a call and it will be replaced ASAP. Without a service plan you will still get the same quality service but it will be an additional cost.

Best things to outline

  • Roof-lines: By far the most popular selection. This gives your house height, and can really show off the architecture.
  • Sides: Adding the sides defines the shape of your house.
  • Corners: You can turn the corners at your roof line so that is visible from 2 streets. This is usually done on houses that are on corners.
  • Windows: There are no rules, if you want to outline just one, a few, the ones on top, or the ones on bottom you can.
  • Entry Ways: You can use garland to go around the door frame or you can use lights. You can even use multiple layers of either to make a bold statement–“Party over here”
  • Pathways: There’s no better way for showing the direction to the festivities that lighting your pathway.
  • Flower Beds: This one isn’t as common and most people do both the paths and the beds together. But remember no rules. I think they look just as good when they are done alone. They are usually done is a curving pattern that leads the eyes toward the ends of your home adding width.
  • The Architecturally interesting: Arches, separations and defined areas can add impact and make your home stand out. You can add lights to railing, columns, pillars, porches etc. Look at your home in a different way. You don’t have to light the same old same old.

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