How to Budget for Your Christmas Lights

Have a Hassle Free and Stress Free Holiday

BY Maria Bargellini Holiday Lighting Designer and President of DFW Christmas Lights.

With Christmas Light Design as well as Landscape design it’s best to get an overall picture of what you want your display to look like in the years to come. For instance, let say the design you want cost $2000, but you don’t have that much money to spend right now–no problem. Design the Christmas Lighting display you want now and spend what you can when you can with the overall end result in mind. The likes are cut and spliced according to the lines of your house, making it easy to add new runs.

Here’s a house that we installed in 2008. It was basic and pretty. Lighting the peaks made it look enormous at night. The garland around the door made the entry way feel more inviting. Lighting the pathway really showed their guest which way the party was.

By the next year we added the sides along the entry way, this gave the house as well as the entry way more definition. We chose a few trees in the yard to give it depth and variety. We balanced 2 evergreen shrubs with a triangular shape on one side and outlined a deciduous tree on the right. We even added multi colored strands on 2 small topiaries by the door for a little pop of color.

This coming season we hope to add an outline to the windows as in this virtual Christmas Design to really turn the dial up a notch. This is a computer generated display of what the house would look like if we outlined the windows and lower awnings. It’s a great tool to use for clients that are more visual and it also helps parents include their children in the process- by letting them help chose the display for the family. Be warned–kids love colored lights- so if you are set on white/clear lights, you might want to have them chose after you received the samples rather than before where they can request pink and purple lights.

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