Adding Outdoor Lighting to your Holiday Display

Outdoor Lighting

xmas_landes5Incorporating Outdoor Lighting into your Landscape Comes with Many Benefits

  • Enhance your Homes Curb Appeal
  • Add Security without harsh spot light glare
  • Highlight Architecture
  • Showcase your Home
  • Enjoy the Outdoors Longer
  • Safely light pathways for adventurous kids
  • Add Value to your home
  • Entertain outdoors and invite more friends home
  • Timers and photocells come standard. No worrying about turning lights off at night.

Whether you want something subtle or want to be the stand out house in the neighborhood, Dallas Curb Appeal can help you enhance your homes appearance at night as well as during the day.
We offer three different lines of fixtures to fit every budget. Using our Good – Better – Best approach in estimating helps you decide for your self which one is right for you.

We install our systems to be trouble free and grow with your landscaping needs. With every install you get a FREE years maintenance and bulb replacement. Call for more details.

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