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Small, Medium, and Large Christmas Lighting Displays

By Maria Bargelini of DFW Christmas Lights .Com. Your source for Christmas lighting in Dallas

Not sure what you want or what you can afford? Below are some general descriptions of small, medium and large jobs. Prices vary depending on the size of the home. Things like the height of the roof, width of trees, length of paths, the addition of greenery, and difficulty of installation will determine final cost.

Small Jobs (less than $500): Most companies won’t even quote a job this small. At DFW Christmas Lights we have a separate crew dedicated just to this price range. A typical installation in this price range is usually a one story house that has the roof and windows outlined in C7/9 bulbs, with a timer and greenery (usually supplied by the client). Typically a wreath is hung up at the peak of the roof and garland in hung up at the entryway. A small price tag doesn’t mean you can’t get a great display, you still have plenty of options.

Medium Christmas Lights Display (Avg. $1200-$2000): At this price range you have a lot of options. You can do trees, motifs or outlines. We’ll help you figure out which display best reflects your personality, theme, or budget. A typical Christmas lighting installation in this range will include outlines of the roof line, sides of house, windows, or pathway. The standard roof height range is usually 25-30 feet tall, where special equipment isn’t necessary.

Large Christmas Lighting Displays (Avg. range 4000-15,000): At this price we can customize a truly spectacular display . We can design magnificent entryways, incorporate lighted greenery and really add sparkle to the season. With so many options our designers can show you different themes, colors, and details to give you several choices as to what your home can look like this season, and in the seasons to come, as you add to your display. We can fully customize a display to be completed now or one that can grow over time as your budget allows. These roofs are usually 40 feet + and require special equipment to install roof lights and greenery.

These are general descriptions, prices vary according to the size of the house and application of the lights. For more information you can call us at 214-257-8155, leave a comment below, or email us Sales@DFWChristmasLigths.Com for details or to send a photo of your home that we can add virtual lights to.

The Outdoor Lighting Expert andB DFW Christmas Lights are owned and operated by Dallas Curb Appeal, A full service Landscape Contractor helping you Love Where You Live.

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