LED Christmas Lighting Display

By Maria Bargellini of DFW Christmas Lights

Not sure if you want LED’s for your home. Don’t believe that they use a lot less electricity. Take a look at these two houses. On the first one we were able to light all 4 sides of this home with LED’s, using only— get this —one electrical circuit. Had he used incandescent lights we would have had to run new circuits out from his panel to support all the new lights. This is a fantastic installation. Next year I’d like to replace the red Incandescents with red LED’s for better color and less power usage.

This next customer had had previous trouble with her lights shorting out in the past. Last season–no trouble. The lights looked great and they were on when she needed them.

In both cases we used the Warm White LED’s. I prefer this more natural looking color to that of the cool white LED’s. I don’t like the blue tint that some have. The newer ones have done well with getting rid of the blue but something about them make me well… a little queasy to be honest but that’s just my opinion. Some people love them.

This will be our season doing the house on top and last season we only had to replace 4 LED bulbs. The typical seasonal bulb change varies but it can be as high as 10-20% if we had a very windy or rainy winter.

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