Christmas Lights Dallas: DIY LightingbPart I

By Maria Bargellini, president ofB DFW Christmas Lights

Want to do your own lights? Greatbhere are some thing to consider and tips to help you get started.

1. Which lights can you connect together? This is by far the biggest mistake people make. Here are some rules to live by.

  • Do not connect mini lights of different numbers together-never connect a 100 light set to a 50 light set. If you do, the 50 light set will burn out prematurely. The same goes for any other combination.
  • Do not connect different bulb types together. LED strands and mini lights burn at different voltages and will burn out prematurely as well. LED C9b2s cannot be mixed with incandescent C9b2s for this same reason.
  • Read the manufacturers directions for connecting their lights. Some allow up to 6 to be connected end to end while others only 3. Connecting more than youbre allow may overload your circuit, short out your lights or worstbcause a fire.

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