Christmas tree ideas: Flocked Trees

By Maria Bargellini ofB DFW Christmas Lights in Dallas

Flocked Christmas Treesb-I know it sounds like a word one would use to describe the torture of innocent Christmas trees, but I can assure you that it is anything but that. Flocked is a term used to describe a tree that has the appearance of being covered by snow. The most realistic looking trees will have a dusting of snow on the tops of B branches with visible green showing through. They do not have to have all the branches completely covered, but heybitbs your tree, flock it like you want it. If you miss Coloradobs snow engulfed trees, by all means go crazy and flock away.B Flocked trees are available in a variety of colors, heights, widths, and amount of flocking.B Barcana even makes an upside downB flocked Christmas Tree. You can find them more and more in your local retail outlets.

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