Christmas Tree ideas: Upside Down Trees

By Maria Bargellini, ofB DFW Christmas Lights

Upside down trees aren’t commonly seen in either commercial or residentialB holiday displaysB but they are quickly gaining in popularity. Because everything old is new again this 12th century Central European tradition of hanging a tree from the ceiling at Christmas is in fashion again. There are several different kinds of upside downB Christmas TreesB available on the market today. They come in different colors, heights, widths and hanging options, being able to be supported by a floor base or suspended from the ceiling. Personally my favorite is the four foot ceiling suspended tree. I love the way the ornaments dangle from this tree. It makes for a striking display that your guest or clients will likely have never seen before and won’t forget. And if you have great ornaments there’s no better way to show case them as they are better displayed when dangled away from the branches as in an upside down tree.

Ceiling suspended Trees:B The ceiling suspended types are great for areas where your space is limited. These trees look fantastic over tables to replace chandeliers or throughout a store to save space. Some manufacturers also make upside downB Christmas treesB to bend around both inside and outside corners, making them very convenient. So if you think a tree is out of the question because you lack the space –think again. Make sure that your ornaments are securely attached to the branches. You don’t want to have to drag out the ladder to re-attach them or have your favorite ornaments go crashing to the floor.

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