Outdoor Lighting Dallas: Connections and Connectors

By Maria Bargellini of The Outdoor Lighting Expert

Your electrical connections don’t matter–A connector is a connector right?–WRONG

The connectors we use for outdoor lighting and irrigation are made specifically for the purpose of protecting copper connections (splices) that will be underground or underwater. Keeping your electrical connections dry is key to having your lights or irrigation working properly for years to come. These B connectors are made by DryConn, the leader in the industry, raising standards for this type of product.B —The DryConn connectors are UL 486D Listed, and while they are rated for 600V, they feature outstanding proven performance for low voltage, waterproof splice protection and direct burial. Using DryConn connectors helps ensure that our installations meet critical industry standards for performance; which will protect your system in our crazy Texas weather against shorting out and oxidation.

Oxidation is the formation of rust. This most commonly occurs when you have copper electrical connections that have been spliced and buried with inferior indoor connectors that allow water to seep in and corrode the copper. The connectors one uses for their home are very different then the ones described in this article. They are considered “dry” connectors. This means they are not approved for wet locations-and with good reason. The DryConn’s have a silicon additive, which is a corrosion preventative inside that protects the copper against rust, condensation, dust, water, and vapors. Indoor or ‘dry’ connectors do not have these qualities, but they are about 1/4 of the price which make them enticing to installers or contractors looking to save a buck. Make sure to ask your contractor what materials he or she is using. For more details on this connector please click here.

Maria Bargellini has 13 years in the electrical industry and has been a Journeyman electrician since 2003. The Outdoor Lighting Expert is and DFW Christmas Lights are owned and operated by Dallas Curb Appeal.

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