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bFinally, an Outdoor LED Lighting Fixture that Outlives the LED Itselfb

CAST Lighting LED Engineered Wall Light (CEWL5LED1)CAST Lighting LED Engineered Wall Light (CEWL5LED1)

The use of LEDbs in Landscape Lighting has become more and more widespread. This trend picked up momentum as consumers learned of the long life and energy efficiency of these electronic light sources. With the growing demand, lighting manufacturers rushed LED lights to market, and hundreds of new LED fixtures and replacement lamps found their way into gardens and lawns across the land. Unknown to consumers, however, was that the great majority of these lights will fail long before their promised lives.

CAST Lightingbs LED Research and Development

Several years ago, CAST Lighting launched an intensive research and development effort to create integrated LED lighting fixtures that live up to the companybs high standards of durability, reliability, serviceability, and performance. It was a long process because the technology continued to improve over time; many of the early LED components wereB unsuitable because of their susceptibility to heat and moisture damage.

The release ofB CAST Lightingbs LED Engineered Wall Light (CEWL5LED1)B constitutes a breakthrough in the industry. It is the first in a series ofB outdoor luminaries that are designed specifically for the harsh environmental conditions present in the landscape.

Long Life b For Both LED and Fixture Body

The Nichia LED chips used in this new lighting fixture were specifically chosen for their durability, brightness, and lumen maintenance. To further enhance their long life, these chips were driven with only half their maximum current. Many manufacturers push the current to the maximum to achieve greater brightness at a lower cost. By reducing the current, far less heat is produced andB full brightness is maintained over a longer period of time. The CAST Lighting Engineered Wall Light is estimated to maintain at least 70% of its brightness (L70)B for 50,000 hrs. b thatbs over 20 years.

While many lighting manufacturers also claim an LEDB life of 20 years, the consumer should ask the question, bWill the lighting fixture itself last as long as the LED light source?b CAST Lighting fixtures are uniquely constructed to make this claim. The body of the wall light is made ofB solid sand-cast bronze b a material that resists all types of corrosion. (Bronze statues have been known to survive for over 2,000 years with minimal corrosion.) The wire used in the fixture, and throughout all components of a CAST Lighting system, areB tin-coated, marine-grade No-Ox – specially made to survive the most corrosive marine environments.B Other manufacturers useB copper, brass, aluminum and other materials b all subject to corrosion damage from soil and atmospheric salts and acids.

OtherB factors that can reduce the life of an LED fixtureB are voltage spikes and fluctuations. The CAST Wall Light is engineered to accept a wide range of voltages (8 to 20 volts) and has built-in voltage spike protection.

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