The Outdoor Lighting Expert on Task Lighting

By Maria Bargellini

Simply stated task lighting means providing light to see objects needed for a task, like say walking. This article is aboutB outdoor task lighting and I want toB help you understandB task lighting and its value to yourB outdoor lighting design for both Safety andB Security.

Safety: When most people think about lighting their homes safety isn’t always the first thing on their minds, it’s usually the overall look. B Outdoor Lighting that helps people see immediate obstructions should actually be considered first, especially areas that are by a pool where someone can fall into the water. I know what you’re thinking, “what idiot would fall into the water? Well here’s the recipe: a good party, a few drinks, a quick trip over a stone, then a little sprinkler of Murphy’s Law and splash. Anywhere you have a step up or a step down that is too dark to see – should be lit. By most city codes a tripping hazard is anything less than 4” tall, so believe it or not, the smaller the step the easier it is to trip over it. Most people light the front and the bottom of a set of stairs or path. If your stairs are not all the same depth or heights consider adding lights to the center where that fact can be seen, so that guest can adjust their stride. We’re so used to uniformity in steps everywhere else that are bodies are trained to take equal steps. Steps, pathways, and low entry ways, are where you should put landscape lights in. Keep in mind that these types of B outdoor lighting fixtures are some of the most attractive out on the market. as they are highly visible. Typically, landscape lights are supposed to be hidden from view. Path, area and step or deck B lights are offered in scores of decorative shapes, finishes, heights, and designs. Keep an eye on that budget – B they can also be double the cost of a regular landscape light.

Security: These types of B lights aren’t usually considered task lighting but if you ask me they perform a very important task — keeping your home illuminated so as to discourage any would be thieves from getting in and any sly teenagers from getting out, is most definitely a serious task indeed. Now I’m sure the first thing that popped up in your mind when I mention security lights are those huge bulb, antler looking things. Not the most attractive fixture in the world and the light emitted by those huge bulbs can take out the best of us. Security lights do not have to be unsightly. And if the burglar is close enough to set the lights off–he/she got a lot closer than they should have gotten. You can incorporate low voltage andB LED lights on your property to both highlight the home and keep it safe.B Landscape lighting fixtures are smaller, use less energy, and are a lot more attractive for this purpose than traditionalB security lights.

So when you’re going over your property take a good look at the less glamours aspects like tripping hazards and security, you’ll be glad you did.

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