The Outdoor Lighting Expert on Landscape Lighting Design Tips

Landscape Lighting Design Tips

Below are tips to help you in designing your landscape lighting. This post will discuss cohesion, layering, focal points, quality of light and how it relates to landscape lighting. These are areas where most homeowners fail to spend time researching or implementing. Landscape lighting isnbt just about buying a one size fits all boxed set of landscape fixtures and throwing them up against your house.

Cohesion: Your Landscape lighting design needs to make visual sense. It needs to flow in a way that doesn’t confuse the viewer and lets their eyes roll along the lighting transitions, without interruptions by too many or sporadic black or dark shadowed areas or large gaps that make the eye ping pong around the space. Landscape lighting that is unbalanced, disorganized, has too many focal points and generally just doesn’t make sense or have any flow, will not be as aesthetically pleasing. B The goal is not to light everything in your yard as though it were daytime, nighttime in Vegas or to highlight every single plant, pot and tree, but rather to make use of the shadows to make the space inviting, while highlighting subtle features that would otherwise be lost at night.

Layering: Sometimes referred to as depth, layering is the use of light in areas of the home other than up against the house or itbs perimeter only. Therebs nothing wrong with only lighting the house itself but when you add lights at varying distances throughout the landscape it adds dimension and interest. Itbs like going from 2D to 3D. Illuminating the outer edges of your home with landscape lighting can make your home look wider, longer, or deeper depending on your landscape lighting technique.

Lighting Focal Points: The term bFocal pointb is used in design to describe a center of interest. This can be an item, an area, structure etc. You can use landscape lighting to highlight whatever you wish to draw attention to, for use or appreciation. Some of us may have many bspecialb or binterestingb items and thatbs OK, you can keep these things to be viewed, but take care to only highlight one item or a grouping of items at a time. Focal points can also be used to anchor your landscape lighting design by giving it a base or a starting point. Working from your focal point outward can help you better design your landscape lighting.

Consistency and quality of light: What do you think of when you hear the terms romantic lighting, dramatic lighting, and subtle lighting? These are references to how lighting makes you feel. B B Your landscape lighting is meant to invoke emotions. Itbs how you want both yourself and other viewers to respond and experience the area that has been lit.

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