The Outdoor Lighting Expert: Landscape Lighting for safety and security

Take a professional approach to your Landscape Lighting.

Landscape Lighting is more than just throwing lights in the ground. Professional landscape lighting designers have to be trained in this field both as an art form and it’s electrical aspects. Unless otherwize educated the typical DIY homeowner may try to design and install their own landscape lighting, but their efforts are thwarted by changing and available technology, access to high quality products, B lack of design knowledge or current information, and an electrical understanding.

This post will explain the goals of landscape lighting. It is designed to give you a better understanding of the possibilities, opportunities, and tips to achieve a balanced , and well-designed landscape lighting scene.

Landscape Lighting Goals

The goal of landscape lighting is be useful and for the overall affect to be aesthetically pleasing. A good lighting design addresses both your needs and your wants.

Lighting for security: Well lit homes are less likely to beB burglarized. A lesser known fact is that theB placement, coverage, and quality of the security lighting help elevate the level of security. Most houses will have a few powerfulB flood lights directed towards 1 or 2 areas on the property. In most homes this lighting is way to bright to use for any other purpose and is limited in terms of coverage. A burglar or crazy ex-girlfriend can pass freely onto the property once they know where the “holes” are. B Creating a strategic lighting plan that illuminates key areas of the property with mid to low levels of light in the safer option. The lower levels allow you to see objects in those areas and still see details in the unlit areas. The human eye can compensate for a narrow range of light, traditional big bulb security lights offer large contrastB to the unlit areas. The human eye is unable to compensate fast enough when canvasing from very bright to very dark B areas. Identifying these keyB areas and providing mid- lowB levels of B light will give you not only a safer home but one that’s comfortable to be in and lights that aren’t like staring into the sun.

Lighting for safety: Safety and security is not the same thing. Safety refers to providing safe passage throughout your property. Special considerations are given to steps, pools, water features, and tripping hazards. Safety lighting follows the same principal as with security lighting, the light should be at a mid-low level. You only need enough light as to see details. If you make them too bright they will obscure surrounding dark areas. Professional landscape lights will almost always have shields in place to reduce the glare from the bulbs. Your lights should not blind your visitors. When thinking about fixtures consider the the age of B both your visitors and yourself. Seniors require more light and are more likely to loose their footing when surprised by light beams. Also, in terms of maintenance, changing bulbs that are low to the ground and that may require tools is not for people with back problems or people who can’t bend.

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