The Outdoor Lighting Expert: Aesthetic landscape lighting

The word task in it of itself brings to mind something you don’t want to do

  • Aesthetic Lighting- What does this mean exactly. There are hundreds of fixtures on the market today but I am not only referring to the look of the fixtures but also the overall look of yourB landscape lighting design. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not everyone may agree on whats beautiful or what emotion is felt by a design. 2 people can view the same design and simply experience them differently. Of course the only one that matters is you. For the most part the majority of people will react in the same way to the lighting design. Landscape lighting designers use lighting to evoke emotions and set a mood. Do you want your yard to look lively and ready to accept visitors or would you rather a more subtle lighting scene where you can be by yourself and read under the star. You have to first figure out how you want to feel in the space and work with your landscape lighting designer before they can determine what you want to light and what type of fixtures are to be used.
  • Fixtures: For the most part fixtures are not to be seen whenever possible. It is the effect of the light that should be seen, not the actual light source. Poorly placed fixtures will create hot spots on the items to be lit and may even create uncomfortable glare from in or outside of the home. In fact, in designing a landscape lighting scene, care should be taken as to how the lights will be viewed from the inside. Landscape lights should never point into the house as in through windows. I often see newly constructed B homes that have had the forethought to provide for landscape lighting but have failed miserably in the execution. They often use inappropriate fixtures, use those fixtures in an up facing position when they are made to point downward, they use bare bulbs, and often place the lights too high off the ground. These are mistakes can make your landscape lighting look awful.
  • Consistency and balance: AB landscape lighting design should have a balanced amount of light output throughout the design. Sure your path lights may use 20 watts and your up lights may use 35 watts but the difference in the fixtures and a grouping of fixtures should not have a noticeable difference. Most people in fact even some professionals can’t see a 1-10 watt difference in the light output but larger differences, hot spots and color discrepancies can interrupt the flow of your landscape lighting scene. In addition, your landscape fixtures should be using the same amount of voltage throughout to function properly and increase bulb life and consistency in the design.
  • Focal Points and Other Objects: Here’s where common design mistakes occur. What happens when you have too many focal points or “special things” lit at the same time? Vegas happens. Lots to look at, a little over whelming, and your head zips back and forth like you’re being exorcised. This is good for Vegas– bad for your back yard, unless your a bachelor and you want your female visitors disoriented and confused. Your special object may be able to stand alone with less light or may need to be lit from different areas to get the true detail and feel of it, either way care is to be taken as to not diminish it’s relevance or make it disappear into the design. Before you get your landscape lights installed make sure to go over these points with your landscape lighting designer.

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