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What goes into a landscape lighting design? More than what B you think. This post will discuss symmetry, balance, perspective and comfort as it relates to landscape lighting design.

Balance-Daylight doesn’t have the contrast between light and dark like nighttime lighting does nor does it limit the viewing area. During the day you take in the whole of what you see all around you, making it more difficult to see or feel unbalanced, whereas at night, with its greater contrast between light and dark you can focus on just the lit portion of the viewing area and see quickly whether there is balance. Balance doesn’t mean you put 3 lights on the right and 3 lights on the left and boom – ya got things balanced. Balance is lighting your home in such a way that it feels complete, and is pleasing to the viewer. It should make sense and be consistent. A balanced landscape lighting design should not leave the viewer asking questions. Why is this dimmer than that, why that tree and not this one etc. The only why you want your visitors asking is “why can’t we light our house like this?”

Perspective- In most case your home has 4 sides and has 360 degrees of viewing area around it. When you think about your lighting design it is important to take in all those perspectives areas. Additional consideration has to be taken for the inside as well. It’s great that the house looks great outside but if it’s stopping you from sleeping what good is it. Think about how your home is entered and exited, how the conversation areas are used and even what aB burglarB might think when looking at your house. How does grandpa react to the poorly lit pathway? Is it unsettling for him? Take yourself out of your comfort zone and take a few walks around your house. See your home from different perspectives.

Comfort: Beingo;?an electrician for 15 years and in theB landscape lighting business makes me hyper aware of lighting everywhere.B Landscape lights that have too much glare, are too bright, have mix matched colors, or are not at the same wattage make it uncomfortable for me and also most viewers, to view and enjoy it. Sometimes landscaping has to be added in order to hide yourB landscape lights but doing so can elevate your design. A good design never shows the source of the light just the effect.

Symmetry-o;?Most models are recognized for their facial symmetry. In landscape lighting design symmetry is also desirable. If you have a home with very linear qualities and is otherwiseB symmetricalB it is only fitting that it is lighted to reflect that. Not doing so would compromise the overall design. A row of columns just like a row of trees should be illuminated the same throughout. There should not be difference in light output or in how they are lit.

Some say Landscape Lighting Design is art; I say itbs more of a science. There are rules to be followed in order to have a successful design. I don’t think abstract landscape lighting will ever be a trend- at least I hope not.

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