The Outdoor Lighting Expert on 'landscape lighting maintenance"

YourB landscape lights have been installed and life is good – for now. Just like your landscape your outdoor lights need to be maintenance as well – just not as often of course. The Outdoor lighting Expert represents the outdoor lighting installation division of Dallas Curb Appeal Inc. And with each installation our clients get a yearbs free maintenance, this includes bulb changes. B For those of you who had your lights for longer than a year or installed by someone else maintenance can also be provided and customized for your specific needs.

A typical maintenance service will include the following;

Lens Cleaning: After time rain and sprinklers, soil and debris can accumulate on your lenses affecting the light output. We will clean all lenses and remove any debris that has accumulated by the fixture.

Fixtures: Can become loose over time, require gasket or other maintenance. We will evaluate and adjust your fixtures accordingly.

Landscape: Clearing or trimming plant material can be done by this division or our landscape division.B

Transformers: Not only hum be they create heat. This heat is perfect for ants and other insects to hang out in all winter long.

Timers: Digital timers will be reset for the proper time.

Wiring: Over time wires can become exposed. These wires will be re buried if exposed.

Bulb Replacement: With first year installations bulb replacement is included. Replacing bulbs is also part of your general maintenance

Light position: Wind and foot traffic can change the way your lights are facing. We will reset the fixtures to their original angles unless otherwise requested.

First years bulb replacement includes both the labor and material. For all other maintenance customers material replacement is not included. This maintenance package is for ground level lights only.


Additional Services offered

Tree lighting: It can be tough to get up in your trees to change your light bulbs yourself. Let our professional climbers do this for you.

Tree maintenance: Over time staples. Screws and wires can become incased in the trunk of your tree. To avoid this wires and tree mounts must be maintained. It’s safer for the tree and better for your fixture operation.

Repositioning: With our tough storms and heavy winds its not uncommon for tree limbs to be compromised and for fixtures to have to be moved to other limbs. We can disconnect and relocate your lights.


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