Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

By Maria Bargellini

If you’re thinking about installing low voltage fixtures it helps to know what types ofB outdoor lighting fixtures are available and how to use them. This post will help you identify whichB fixtures you need – to get the results you want. There are two types of landscape lighting fixtures to chose from, up lights and down lights. Up lights shine light up from the fixture and down lights shine light downward. Read below to find the types of low voltage outdoor lights you will need.

Types of Up Lights

  • Bullets: TheseB landscape lights are used for precise lighting. They shine a narrow beam (beam spread may be adjusted with bulb selection), upward onto trees. Up lights are the most commonly used fixtures in the industry.
  • Flood Lights: Look similar to bullets but are larger, typically in width. These low voltage lights will give you a much wider beam and would be used for larger plant materials and walls.
  • Well Lights: These are larger outdoor lighting fixtures that are most commonly used to light very large trees, usually away from the house or structure. They have many styles available and typically will come with a metal or glass cover to protect if from mowers. It is best suited for placement in a landscape bed.
  • Wall washers or grazers: TheseB landscape lighting fixtures are wider and flatter than most. It’s used to wash or graze large flat surfaces like fences and walls, and are dimmer than floods or up lights.


Types of Down Lights

  • Tree Lights: These landscape lights look very similar to bullets but they are constructed to mount onto specific hardware and divert water away from the internal components of the fixture. Typical placement in a tree is 20′-25′
  • Deck/Step Lights: The most common type are the half moon and grated rectangle. These outdoor lighting fixtures are used on fence post and panels but can also be used in stone walls
  • Eave Lights: There are severalB fixtures available for this function but the most commonly used are recessed or puck style lights. They install under the eaves to shine light down onto a home’s walls all around the perimeter of the house. The lights are typically spaced equally around the entire house but can be used in any number of design layouts. They can also be used to direct light onto seating areas and focal points when trees are not available.
  • Path lights: Now there are tons of path lights available and they come in many finishes, styles and prices. These outdoor lights are used to light a pathway, illuminate elevation changes or any other safety or aesthetic function. For more on path lightsB click here.
  • Area Lights: Same availability as path lights just slightly different construction as theseB fixtures are used to light the area around the fixture and not in front of it. They can be used to light a pathway as well and are typically chosen for locations that have interest below and or behind the low voltage lighting fixture.

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