The Outdoor Lighting Expert on "Whats up with Up Lights"

By Maria Bargellini

What are Up Lights? Well they are just that-B landscape lights that point up. OK, that’s a little broad. Up lights is a term used to describe outdoor lighting fixtures that shine light upward away from the fixture itself. The source of the light is never meant to be seen or to be focused on. It is the effect of the light on the item or location that is supposed to be viewed and felt.B The most common uses for these types ofB low voltage fixtures is to accent trees, graze walls, or highlight special items like fountains. There’s a right way and a wrong way to use up lights.B This post will help you trouble shoot your landscape lighting design and learnB what not to do.

The Wrong Way

  • Angle: Do not point them into windows. No one wants to sleep with a 50 watt MR16 pointed into the bedroom. If you cannot angle your fixture away from the windows it must be moved.
  • Pedestrian and Vehicles: Care must be taken that you do not point these lights in the direction of where people will be walking or cars will be driving. It is both unpleasant and unsafe to be blasted in the face with light.
  • Location: Don’t install landscape lights in open grass areas. They are not meant to withstand a mowers wrath nor is it aesthetically pleasing to have them lonely in the turf.
  • Groupings: Don’t group too may together. If you cannot get a wide enough beam you are using the wrong bulb or light fixture. Try a flood bulb or grazing fixture instead.
  • Installation: Don’t use up lights as tree lights and vice versa. Landscape lighting fixtures are constructed to move water away from their lenses and to keep water out of there internal components. Turning one around may allow water to enter the fixture.
  • Bulbs: Only use bulbs rated for outdoor use. They will last longer because they are made to withstand the elements. They might be more expensive but you wont have to replace as many.


Most people buy landscape lights first and think about the design after. The best way to highlight your home with outdoor lighting is to create your landscape design first and then buy the low voltage fixtures needed to accomplish your vision. Up lights are a great way to light your home and can be used effectively on there own or in combination with other types of fixtures.

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