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Want to know what your landscape lights will look like before they are installed? Request a nighttime lighting demonstration with one of our lighting consultants today and see for yourself the impact outdoor lighting can make. We will be able to manipulate the lights to show you different options in fixtures, focal points, locations, etc. There are several different ways to light your home-some clients prefer the house to be lit while some like their design to highlight their landscape, and for others- they like a mixture of both. We will create your lighting design to reflect your personal style while implementing good installations and lighting practices to make your home look fantastic.

The great thing about outdoor lighting is that you can add to it as your budget allows. So if you like the look of layers but can only afford to light your house, we can size your transformer to incorporate any future outdoor lighting fixtures so that you can add them as your budget allows. There is no obligation to buy and no high pressure salesman. We do ask that only serious inquires be requested. To get the most out of your lighting demonstration you should schedule it 2-4 weeks before you are thinking to have it installed. This allows us to more accurately install the design as is, do any preparatory work that may be needed such as having the utilities flagged, B tagging the locations of the fixtures, testing the power source, and go over the final details so they are fresh in the minds of both the lighting designer and the client.

The Process

  • Call us at -214-257-8155 or use this site to contact us and set up your appointment with a qualified outdoor lighting expert
  • Appointments will be made after 5pm in the cooler months and after 8pm in the warmer months as it has to be dark in order to see the lighting at work
  • The Designer will talk to you about what your preferences are. Don’t worry if you are not sure about what you like– the designer can show you different scenes to help you decide.
  • The consultation can last 30 mins to an B hour and your lighting designer will be able to answer all your questions and re configure the lights to suit your style, budget.
  • If your happy with your design and estimate you can have it installed soon after your demo as most materials are in stock.

**Because this is a temporary installation for visual aid only –there will be unburied wires on the ground as well as live fixtures at night. We ask that you do not actively walk through your design where the wires are present and also that you not allow small children access to the design at any time.

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