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DIY Landscape Lighting

If you want to highlight your home with outdoor lighting but you don’t have it in your budget to hire a professional – don’t worry. We can help you. This post along with many others on this site will help you figure out what to do, what to use, and how to maintain it.

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The Outdoor Lighting Expert on Landscape Lighting Design Tips

Below are tips to help you in designing your landscape lighting. This post will discuss cohesion, layering, focal points, quality of light and how it relates to landscape lighting. These are areas where most homeowners fail to spend time researching or implementing. Landscape lighting isnbt just about buying a one size fits all boxed set […]

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The Outdoor Lighting Expert on Task Lighting

In most new kitchens you have different types of lighting fixtures that preform different jobs. For instance you probable have lights under your cabinets that light your counter tops. Because it allows you to perform a function it’s called task lighting. This article is about outdoor task lighting. This article will help you understand task […]

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Outdoor Lighting Dallas: Choosing Outdoor Lighting fixtures

Outdoor Lighting Dallas:B B Choosing Outdoor Lighting fixtures Landscape Lighting by Dallas Curb Appeal There are many types and brands of outdoor lighting fixtures to choose from. Here is some information to help you in choosing which types of fixtures you want to invest in for your Dallas Landscape Lighting. Length of time you will […]

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